It is impossible to get out of this jungle alive | Movie Explained in English | High Lane

It is impossible to get out of this jungle alive | Movie Explained in English | High Lane
just imagine you go somewhere with your friends but it turns out to be the biggest mistake of your life something like this happens in our today’s story the story starts with a group of five friends who are preparing to go to Croatia we decided to make this trip memorable by hiking in the high mountains there in this group there was a trend hike couple named Fred and Karen a girl named Khloe was a nurse and along with her her boyfriend Lo also came apart from this their friend Sam also came joining this trip it turns out that
Sam was Khloe’s previous boyfriend and he still loved Khloe he didn’t even want to go on this trip but loss convinced him that everything would be fine and finally he got to go along after being convinced everyone together set out towards the destination in the car and after a few hours drive they reached the hiking point But as soon as they proceeded on this path they saw that there were many straight rocks here and there was also aboard there there was a sign on which it was written that this area is not safe for hiking but despite
this hike Fred immediately climbed the straight Rock and started asking the others to come with him he also threw a rope from The Rock so that everyone could follow it poor loic was very nervous but Chloe encouraged him and asked him to move forward when loic was behind Sam took the opportunity to tell Khloe that he was very happy to see her after so long when he asked about Khloe’s well-being this would have been a revelation one day during the treatment due to her mistake a patient died and from that shock Khloe has not
come out till date well Khloe said that she’s recovered covering and she hopes that after this hike she will be able to it would be great then they all moved ahead but soon they realized that this path was not as easy as they had thought well after climbing a little more they saw an Old Bridge which they had to cross to reach the other side Fred was the first and then Sam and kloe went but when it was Lock’s turn he got so scared that he froze in the middle seeing this Karen tried to help him but Fred stopped
her because this bridge cannot hold the weight of two people well then Khloe called Lewis towards her and somehow Luke crossed the bridge but he did not know that this bridge can break at any time finally Karen was crossing the bridge and when she was right in the middle when she reached there suddenly the bridge broke and she was hanging from the rope in this moment of trouble Fred immediately threw the Rope towards her and pulled her towards him at the last moment as soon as she reached Fred the entire Bridge behind her fell into
the ditch and was destroyed when it was done they realized that they couldn’t go back because it was their only way back this made Louie very scared and started getting angry at Fred because he was the one who brought them on this dangerous hike to which Fred said that debate there would be no benefit in doing so now no matter what they did they would have to reach the other side of the hill before nightfall after this the whole group started moving forward climbing the next steep climb suddenly they saw
that their rope had separated from the harness so Fred and Karin they went ahead without the harness they decided to reach the top and put a peg there so that everyone could reach safely during this Lori and Sam were hanging from the mountain with full force Sam forbade lock to take fast breaths but lock asked her to keep quiet actually Sam was still in love with Khloe that is why lisis started getting jealous of her after some time suddenly Lois’s hand slipped and he was hanging in the air from the Rope along with this Sam also fell when
Carr hanged himself Khloe could not help him even if she wanted to because her patient death came before her eyes and his hands and legs were frozen meanwhile Fred and Karin went up and searched for a strong tree so that they could tie a rope to their body during this time Fred’s leg got stuck in a clamp and his leg got badly injured Karen tried hard to free him but this was causing more pain to Fred Fred helped her to bring the other friends up so that all of them together could Free Fred after this Karen immediately reached the top of the
hill and threw down the rope and pulled her three other friends up while on the other hand Fred was alone in the forest when he heard someone in the nearby trees at that very moment someone pulled him with force and even the servant could not stop himself finally when his friends reached there they did not see Fred anywhere there was only the screws were stained with his blood Karen did not understand how Fred had taken them out alone when they could not open the screws together she wondered whether Fred had got lost in the forest further
and this thought made her very nervous well now due to Fred’s disappearance they all had to think about the future plan due to fear Lois was saying that they should think about getting out of here as soon as possible but after hearing this caring got very angry she went and started arguing with him then Khloe intervened and stopped their argument and said that no matter what happens we have to move ahead we have to find Fred first she said that soon the sun will set and all the torch lights will also be near Fred that’s why they
can’t move forward without her after this everyone started searching for Fred in the forest then an argument broke out between Lo and Sam about L asked him to leave Khloe’s life after this trip but Sam agreed hearing that Khloe still loves him losk blood runs wild and a fierce scuffle begins between them seeing them fighting Chloe comes to save them but suddenly she slips and falls into a well L and Sam immediately ask her if well but there was no response from the front it was very dark in the well so they were not able to even see
Khloe then curan herself tied a rope to a stone and went into the well there she saw that here the hunters had created many dangerous animals for the animals the screws were on then he saw CL whose arm had been pierced by the same sharp screw on the other hand Sam realized that someone was secretly watching them he told Lois about this but Lois ignored him after some time they somehow pulled Chloe out of the well and bandaged her wounds then they realized that someone had deliberately laid a trap here so they would have to think carefully about
every step they took if they went deeper into the forest within a few moments it became dark all around and it started raining heavily now Karin was very tired and all her hopes were lost that she would be able to see her husband again but Choy encouraged her to keep moving forward she thought that if they spread out in different directions and search for Fred they will find Fred quickly but everyone was afraid to go alone so everyone tied themselves with the same rope so that if he was in trouble he could pull the rope and call the others
after this they all moved towards the dense forests after some time an arrow hit Karin in the chest and she got badly injured despite so much pain she tried to pull the Rope but someone had already cut the rope but luckily Khloe came walking towards her and as soon as she saw Karin she ran to help her but then suddenly someone dragged Karin away poor Chloe tried to follow but lck and Sam stopped her because it was dangerous to move ahead after this all three of them sat under a tree and calmed themselves then lock said that they should leave
Fred and Karen here and find a way to return eventually everyone agreed and they set out to return as soon as the rain stopped then on the way he saw a small house made of wood and he entered it in search of help but seeing what was inside his soul shuddered Fred was lying naked on a big Stone covered in blood tried hard to save him but perhaps he was tortured so badly that he would have died within a few moments then luks covered his body and said that they should leave from here as soon as possible because the killer could come
back at any time Sam said that they have to find Fred’s bag which contains all the necessary things while searching for the bag Sam found a secret door which led to the basement when he went down the ground slipped under his feet because there were animals and there were human skulls hanging there well he still kept searching for the bag and then he saw the name Anton on the wall he calculated that it must be the cab of a hunter named Anton well soon he found the bag and went out from there but then Lo stopped her at the top of the stairs
and snatched the bag from her hand and pushed her down the stairs due to which Sam became unconscious he was jealous of Sam and Khloe’s closeness that is why he locked Sam down stairs and then he he returned to Kay he lied that Sam had left them but schoy did not believe him and was not ready to leave Sam here to die during their argument Anton was caught with Kim’s dead body when she arrived she made Khloe unconscious and one shot and then a scuffle started between her and lck soon Khloe got up and attacked Anton but instead of
helping her lck stabbed her right there and made her unconscious again later when Dia opened her eyes she was hanging with Sam in the basement while trying to open the Rope they both saw that Anton was cutting the Flesh of Fred and Karen’s corpses and taking out their bones here Khloe was about to be freed suddenly Anton brought him upstairs to kill him while lock was lost running in the forest while Sam somehow got free but Anton had locked the basement door Anton was about to kill Khloe with a knife when suddenly L was there Cay and
he attacked Anton with a stone this made Anton so angry that he took his bow and arrow and followed lock into the forest during this Khloe freed herself and pulled Sam out of the basement then she tried to save ly it was decided that Anton shot an arrow at Luke’s leg which made him suffer badly but still he stood up and started fighting Anton he took out the arrow from his leg with full force and hit Anton with it then he shot Anton Anton hit him several times with a stone and crawled ahead but suddenly He
Slipped from the Top of the Rock and hung there Anton saw him from a distance and immediately ran away from there after some time Klo and Sam came there and Sam took his he gave his hand and started pulling him up but then he remembered that L had locked him in the basement and ran away that is why he deliberately left his hand and lowick fell into the ditch and died K started crying bitterly over the death of her boyfriend and Sam she calmed him down by hugging him then from behind Anton shot an arrow through Sam’s head which killed
him on the spot now the fire of anger and revenge was burning in Khloe’s heart and she ran towards Anton with a knife Anton also immediately attacked him but suddenly Klo shouted his name and he retreated then he attacked Anton with a knife and killed him but he’s not completely dead yet now he tried to complete Anton’s work by giving the last blow she was about to leave when the dying patient appeared before her eyes Klo ran away leaving Anton there and started going to the other side through the cable wire but the danger was still
not over here Anton came near the cable with a knife and now Chloe was on her way it meant that Anton had cut the cable due to which K also died on the spot it is said that many years ago a 5-year-old boy named Anton was kidnapped it happened but no one has been able to find him till date this is a true story and every year many people go missing in this area if you like the video then like it and subscribe to the channel see you in the next video

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