Solve the Case: Suspect Charged in Attempted Assassination of Slovakia Leader 2024

Solve the Case: Suspect Charged in Attempted Assassination of Slovakia Leader Police in Slovakia have charged a man described as a politically motivated “lone wolf” with attempting to assassinate Prime Slovakia Leader Minister Robert Fico. The prime minister who survived an assassination attempt that shocked the eastern European nation is in a critical condition in hospital.

On Wednesday afternoon, Fico was conscious and able to speak when his longtime friend, Slovakia’s President-elect Peter Pellegrini, visited him in hospital. Pellegrini reported that Fico continued to recover Slovakia Leader after being shot five times at close range and undergoing surgery.

The attacks have rocked the Central European country and attracted widespread condemnation around the world. Slovak Interior Minister Matuš Shutaj Estok said the suspect admitted his actions were motivated by opposition to the government and its reforms

The 59-year-old populist leader, who came to power last year and whose controversial policies have sparked protests in recent weeks, was attacked after an off-site government meeting in Handlowa on Slovakia Leader Wednesday . . . .

Shutaj Estok pointed out that the investigation focused only on the political motives behind the attack. The suspect told police he disagreed with Fico’s policies and decided to act after the recent presidential election, which was won by Fico’s ally Peter Pellegrini

“The reasons given by the suspect included the decision to end the Slovakia Leader Special Prosecutor’s Office, to stop military aid to Ukraine, to make changes to the public service reporter,” Shutaj Estok said and remove the head of the Judicial Council.”

According to Shutaj Estok, who described himself as a “lone wolf” who had earlier taken part in anti-government protests, the suspect is not affiliated with any extremist group, It has been found out what he allegedly fired the shot

Slovakia Leader

Solve the Case: Suspect Charged in Attempted Assassination of Slovakia Leader

The suspect in the attempted assassination of Slovak President Robert Fico has been identified as Juraj C. Lavish from the town of Levis in southwestern Slovakia. is 71, Zuzana Drobova, a spokeswoman for Slovakia Leader the prosecutor’s office, confirmed and showed to CNN Wednesday. The Slovak media reported that the shooter was a writer and poet, and the Slovak Union of Writers confirmed the name identified in the media as that of one of its members

The incident occurred when Fico approached a small group of people waiting to meet him. The suspect with a gun in the crowd stepped forward and fired five shots at Fico from over the security barrier. Slovakia Leader Footage from the scene shows his staff hurriedly bundling the stunned prime minister into the car and then speeding away. No one else was injured in the attack.

The suspect, who has been identified by several local media outlets, has not been officially named, but his face could be seen in the video of the attack and subsequent arrest.

The attack followed a government meeting in Handlowa on Wednesday. Slovakia Leader Fico was first taken to a local hospital and then flown to an intensive care unit in Banska Bystrika, where he underwent more than five hours of surgery. He was shot multiple times, including in the stomach.

Hospital director Miriam Lapunikova said Wednesday that Fico was in a “stable but very serious condition” and remained in intensive care. He said two surgical teams attended to the prime minister.

On Wednesday morning, Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Robert Kalinac announced that Fico’s condition had “stabilized overnight” and that further measures were being taken to improve his health. He emphasized the gravity of the situation.

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