The Unexpected Impact of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Not Speaking to Each Other 2024

The Unexpected Impact of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Not Speaking to Each Other Welcome to The Scoop — your ultimate cheat sheet for all things occult! From political reform in D.C. to Hollywood drama and small-town scandal, Paula Froelich covers it all. Sign up for his newsletter here. (NewsNation) — Where there’s smoke, there’s fire — but not quite Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

Lopez spent Mother’s Day in Paris with daughter Emme, while Affleck was 5,600 miles away in Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck  Los Angeles and celebrating with ex-wife Jennifer Garner and their children.

“Jennifer loves Mother’s Day,” a Lopez friend told me. “I’m surprised Ben isn’t with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck  her for the big day. He wants favors and special dates.”

Adding fuel to the fire, Lopez was photographed house hunting with longtime producer Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas this week, even though Lopez and Affleck bought the $60 million Beverly Hills mansion in June of the previous year. Justin Timberlake ‘retired’ from fans after album, flop of tour he got involved in the propaganda. Here’s what we know. Lopez in Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck  2024 is rough.

Both the film he financed about his life, “The Greatest Untold Love Story,” and his documentary were unsuccessful. Amazon’s purchase of the documentary became a joke on social media and was covered strongly by the New York Times.

His first studio album in a decade, “This is Me… Now,” was compared to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck  “Gigley” by the New York Post. It debuted at No. 38 on the Billboard charts and dropped quickly. The accompanying tour “This Is Me… Now” sold so well that it was canceled in seven cities, rebranded as “This Is Me… Live” instead, referring to his big hits instead there are also suggestions that he wanders Cancel altogether, nothing

 Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

The Unexpected Impact of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Not Speaking to Each Other

With Affleck nowhere to be seen, Lopez turned down reporters on the red carpet and later went home alone before heading to Paris.

As for finding Lopez’s home in Los Angeles, I don’t put much stock in it. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck  Lopez owns several properties in the Los Angeles area, including a condo in Encino, a house in Malibu, and actually owns some property more of a Beverly Hills home.

Meanwhile, Affleck is busy shooting “The Accountant 2” in Los Angeles. He also faced criticism for his sarcastic Tom Brady roast and voiced concerns about his “sensitive” complexion. Happy times, eh?

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While no one is talking to a divorce lawyer (yet), an Affleck friend  Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck expressed doubts about the couple’s long-term prospects.

“They don’t really meet much,” the friend said. “He’s very down to earth. She likes to hang with guys and be homey. She wants glamour, pomp and circumstance. He’s an addict (Affleck has dealt with drug, alcohol and gambling issues over the past few decades), is sober and doesn’t drink, do drugs or gamble.”

And while the opposites are interesting, Lopez’s tribute to their love may have been more damning.

Representatives for the couple did not respond to emails.

To be clear, neither Jen nor Ben (who are both still wearing engagement rings, for what it’s worth) have made any public statements about their relationship, and aside from TMZ, no mainstream media outlets have that they are making trouble .

So, how did these stories suddenly start? This appears to stem from a report by the tabloid magazine InTouch, which quoted an “insiders” as saying, “The writing is on the wall – finished heading for divorce – and for once, it’s not [Ben ] mistake! ” . This person also alleged that Ben “already moved out” and while “you’ll never stop loving each other though, she can’t control him, and he can’t change her.”

The insider also said that despite saying that both JLo and Ben have matured and learned from past mistakes, some of the most important issues that drove them apart in the first place still if they have not yet been resolved

According to TMZ , the fact that Ben and Jen haven’t been photographed together since March adds to the confusion, even though they’re still wearing engagement rings. So, as it stands, the situation remains ambiguous and full of speculation.

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